Simulazione e Progetto di Strutture a Flessione Attiva

About This Project

Advancement of technologies in the field of information technology, digital prototyping and robotics, allows architects and engineers to improve their professional activity and control in the design phase. This thesis uses these new technologies to date used extensively in the field of design, focusing on the study of a process that allows the use of these new objects in the architectural field. The goal that the thesis poses, is the construction of a pavilion / roof that exploits a particular principle of construction in the field of temporary buildings, active-bending or flexion-active. The study that was conducted focuses on one particular type of materials, called Auxetics. This type of material is particularly interesting because they increase their dimensions when subjected to traction and reduce them when subjected to the opposite action. Through new technologies and new methods of computational design it was possible to describe an iterative process, which started from the analysis of the behavior of the materials, to understand the factors that influence them the form principles of this particular type of structures




Roberto. S. Naboni


Prof. Ingrid Paoletti

Master Thesis Author

Stefano Sartori